Natalie Portman Spotted Without Wedding Ring Amid Reports of Marriage Troubles

Natalie Portman was recently seen in Sydney without her wedding ring, sparking speculations about her marriage to Benjamin Millepied. Reports have emerged suggesting that the couple might be heading for a split due to allegations of infidelity on the part of Millepied, Portman’s husband of 11 years.

Star Wars: The reported split comes after claims that the professional dancer cheated on Natalie with 25-year-old climate activist Camille Étienne

Infidelity Claims and Relationship Struggles

The rumors gained traction as allegations surfaced that Millepied had been unfaithful to the Star Wars actress. An anonymous source close to the couple revealed to Us Weekly that despite efforts to salvage their marriage, they were currently facing difficulties. The source disclosed that Portman and Millepied were “on the outs” and had been attempting to work on their marriage after news of the alleged cheating emerged.

The source also provided insight into Portman’s perspective, stating that she viewed Millepied’s affair as a “brief and stupid liaison” that held little significance for him. The actress reportedly aims to evaluate whether she can rebuild her trust in Millepied, especially for the sake of their children.

Background on Benjamin Millepied and Their Family

As reports circulate about their marriage struggles, it’s worth examining who Benjamin Millepied is and their family dynamic. Millepied is a dancer and choreographer, known for his work in the dance world and his collaboration with Portman on the film “Black Swan.” The couple shares children together, and their relationship has been in the spotlight since they got together.

Uncertain Future for the Couple

The potential separation of Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied after over a decade of marriage raises questions about the complexities of relationships and the challenges celebrities face in maintaining private lives amidst public scrutiny. As the couple navigates these difficulties, their journey serves as a reminder that even in the world of fame and glamour, relationships can be tested by various factors, including trust and loyalty.

Who is Benjamin Millepied?

Benjamin Millepied is a renowned French professional dancer and choreographer who has made a significant impact in the world of dance. Born on June 10, 1977, in Bordeaux, he is the youngest of three sons. Millepied’s journey in the world of dance began at an early age, thanks to his mother, a former dancer, who introduced him to ballet when he was just eight years old.

Dancing shoes: Benjamin first learned to perform ballet aged eight, and became a professional dancer and choreographer in the US

At the age of 13, Millepied started studying ballet in Lyon. His passion and dedication for dance led him across the Atlantic to the United States at the age of 16. He attended the School of American Ballet in New York with a prestigious ‘Bourse Lavoisier’ scholarship from the French Ministry. This marked the beginning of his journey into the American dance scene.

After his time at the School of American Ballet, Millepied joined the New York City Ballet. He quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a soloist in 1998 and eventually achieving the prestigious position of principal dancer in 2002. His exceptional talent and dedication to his craft garnered him recognition and admiration within the dance community.

Meeting Natalie Portman and Marriage

During this phase of his career transition, Benjamin Millepied met actress Natalie Portman. The two crossed paths while working on the psychological thriller “Black Swan” (2010). Millepied served as the choreographer for the film, and his collaboration with Portman led to a deeper connection between the two.

Their relationship blossomed, and the couple eventually tied the knot in 2012. They welcomed their first child, a son named Aleph, later that year. Millepied’s marriage to Portman further placed him in the spotlight and solidified his presence within popular culture.


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