Music video brings spotlight on Oman’s tourist attractions

Oman’s Tourist Attractions Shine in Mesmerizing Music Video

Muscat: Emerging star Cheru Kunnath Paijas, also known as Faaxy, has set up a musical studio in Oman, where he is an Indian expatriate. Through his musical videos, Faaxy is on a mission to showcase Oman’s tourism potential.

His latest video, titled “You Are The One,” is another step in promoting Oman’s beauty, already amassing over 100,000 views. Faaxy is using his platform to share his remarkable journey through his adopted homeland, and this Vevo release features breathtaking visuals of Oman’s diverse landscapes.

From the enchanting Ad Dimaniyat Islands to the majestic heights of Jebel Shams mountain, the video has captivated fans and music enthusiasts alike.

Recalling the shooting experience at Jebel Shams, Faaxy described it as “exhilarating,” with his team braving cold temperatures to capture the stunning footage.

“When we shot at the Ad Dimaniyat Islands, we faced several challenges. Our team demonstrated great determination, as transporting musical instruments to the island via boat was risky. After a few attempts, we successfully got them to the island, and our director Monika Sommer was thrilled with the final result,” Faaxy shared.

The video and song have garnered global praise and attention. They can be enjoyed on platforms such as Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, and Amazon Music. More about Faaxy can be found on his official page,

Hailing from Kerala, Faaxy’s musical journey began at a young age when he discovered hip-hop during high school. This sparked his deep passion for the genre’s sound and culture.

Establishing his music studio in Oman in 2013, Faaxy’s commitment to music and his affection for the country he was raised in are evident.

Through his captivating musical creations, Faaxy is inviting the world to explore Oman’s captivating tourist attractions.


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