Starfield is Bethesda's Least Buggiest Game to Date, Say Sources

Sources Claim Starfield is Bethesda’s Most Polished Game Yet, With Fewest Bugs

Bethesda, the renowned game developer, has long been associated with producing open-world RPGs that captivate players with their expansive worlds and intricate storytelling. However, the company’s reputation has often been marred by one glaring aspect – the infamous bugs that have become synonymous with their releases. But with the imminent release of “Starfield,” the industry is abuzz with whispers of change. Has Bethesda finally managed to break free from its bug-ridden past?

A New Dawn for Bethesda?

In the gaming community, discussions about Bethesda games typically include anecdotes of bizarre glitches, comical mishaps, and a degree of acceptance that, somehow, these bugs are just part of the experience. With “Starfield,” the anticipation for a smoother and less glitch-prone adventure has reached new heights. This anticipation is not unfounded, as reports from various sources suggest that “Starfield” might indeed mark a turning point for the company.

Early Impressions Speak Volumes

Journalist Tyler McVicker, currently bound by embargo, provided an unexpected early insight into the game’s quality. Taking to Discord, McVicker shared his experience, stating, “Also, 15 hours in and not a single bug.” While one person’s experience is hardly definitive, it was a glimmer of hope for those who longed for a more polished Bethesda release.

Consensus Among the Insiders

Digging deeper into the matter, we reached out to insiders who are currently under embargo, unable to speak publicly but willing to share their experiences anonymously. The sentiment echoed McVicker’s initial observation – “Starfield” appears to be remarkably free of the bugs that have haunted Bethesda’s reputation. Individuals who have spent varying amounts of time exploring the game world reported encountering only a handful of bugs. Most players mentioned encountering one or two at most, despite investing dozens of hours into the game. Additionally, many of the issues identified have already been earmarked for resolution in the upcoming Starfield Day 1 patch.

A Glimpse Behind the Curtain

Though our sources provided valuable insights, it’s important to acknowledge that these opinions represent a limited pool within the larger gaming community. The ultimate verdict will come from the players themselves, whose perspectives can often differ significantly from the behind-the-scenes accounts. Nonetheless, the positive feedback from these insiders is a promising sign. The early buzz indicates a game that has undergone meticulous polishing, raising hopes that the broader public experience will be equally seamless.

Microsoft Game Studios’ Vote of Confidence

Adding weight to the growing optimism, Matt Booty, the head of Microsoft Game Studios, weighed in on the matter during a Giant Bomb stream in June. Booty revealed, “Working with Todd and the team, I see bug counts and, just by the numbers, if it shipped today, this would have the fewest bugs any Bethesda game ever shipped with.” Booty’s assertion aligns with the positive murmurs circulating the industry, reinforcing the notion that “Starfield” might indeed represent a new zenith for Bethesda in terms of quality control.

Imperfections in Paradise

However, it’s essential to manage expectations. “Starfield,” like any complex piece of software, is unlikely to be completely devoid of bugs. The gaming landscape is marked by the reality that even the most meticulously developed titles can still encounter unexpected issues. Bethesda acknowledges this reality, and the company is gearing up to address any post-launch bugs that might arise promptly.

The Countdown Begins

As “Starfield” prepares to launch, the excitement among the gaming community is palpable. With the game’s early access launch scheduled for August 1 on the Xbox Series X|S and PC, followed by the full release on September 6, players are gearing up to dive into an entirely new universe. The promise of a smoother, more immersive experience is tantalizing, and the industry eagerly awaits the moment when players can embark on their journey through the cosmos.


The gaming world is buzzing with anticipation as Bethesda’s “Starfield” approaches its release date. With reports from early players and industry insiders alike suggesting a remarkable reduction in bugs, hopes are high that “Starfield” could mark a significant departure from the studio’s bug-riddled reputation. While perfection might remain an elusive goal, the prospect of a Bethesda game with unprecedented levels of polish is undeniably enticing. As the countdown continues, gamers around the world eagerly await the opportunity to explore the depths of space in what could be Bethesda’s most refined creation yet.


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