Toverland announces new haunted house for Halloween

Toverland Introduces ‘Now You’re Mine’ Haunted House for Halloween

Toverland, a Dutch amusement park, is set to offer a new haunted house experience called ‘Now You’re Mine’ for Halloween. The festivities will run from October 7th, featuring 16 family-friendly Halloween days and 13 spine-chilling Halloween nights.

During the nighttime Halloween event, Toverland will employ 160 scare actors across five scare zones and six haunted houses, which includes the new mining-themed attraction. In ‘Now You’re Mine,’ guests will step into a mining museum showcasing a temporary exhibition about a fictional character named Mijndert Müller, who ventured into a mine in search of the philosopher’s stone—an elixir of life. Müller mysteriously disappeared and was never seen again.

Additionally, Toverland has enhanced the ‘Cirque’ scare zone for this year’s Halloween celebration. Visitors will encounter “freaky circus performers” and enjoy nostalgic fairground attractions.

Toverland’s other scare zones include ‘Fiesta de los Muertos,’ ‘DesTroy,’ ‘Morgana’s Frozen Knights,’ and ‘Shadows of the Sea.’ The lineup of haunted houses includes ‘The Witches Forest,’ ‘Trapped,’ ‘Maison de la Magie,’ ‘The Dollhouse,’ and ‘Fear the Woods.’

For family-friendly entertainment, Toverland introduces the new ‘Magic Forest’ experience, the ‘Toos & Morrel Go Scaring’ show, and a pumpkin farm featuring 40,000 gourds.

Toverland is known for its six themed areas with 40 attractions and shows, including Troy, the fastest, longest, and tallest wooden roller coaster in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Earlier this year, Toverland unveiled four new rides as part of its €11.5 million Avalon expansion, which first opened in 2018 with the €17 million Fénix coaster.

As Halloween approaches, Toverland promises a thrilling experience for both families and thrill-seekers alike, with spooky haunted houses and eerie scare zones.


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