PSA: Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom News Channel Giving Out Free In-Game Items

Unlock the Thrills of Shield Surfing: Free In-Game Items from Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Nintendo enthusiasts, it’s time to gear up for an exhilarating addition to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Following the recent update that sent ripples of excitement through the gaming community, Nintendo has just unfurled a fresh announcement on the Switch news channel that’s bound to get Zelda fans’ hearts racing.

In this latest update, players are in for a treat as they’re handed the keys to the world of shield surfing in the enchanting realm of Hyrule. The headline news: you can now claim a Soldier’s Shield and a Cart, both essential for an unforgettable shield surfing escapade.

Easy Steps to Unlock the Adventure:

  1. Navigate to the ‘News’ icon on your Switch Home Menu.
  2. Locate the Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom news piece titled “Shield Surfing: the Speedier Way to Get Around.”
  3. Engage by clicking ‘Play Now’ within the article.
  4. Launch your Zelda game and load your saved progress.
  5. Reap the rewards of a Soldier’s Shield and a Cart, waiting just for you.

Nintendo’s take on shield surfing is a game-changer. If your shield was reserved solely for defense purposes, think again! With your shield at the ready, a simple press of the X Button propels you into a jump, followed by the A Button mid-jump to launch into the thrilling realm of shield surfing down slopes.

But that’s not the limit of the excitement. Ever imagined what it would be like to blend a shield with a cart? Wonder no more! The fusion opens the door to unparalleled delight—experience the rush of shield surfing paired with an electrifying speed boost as your wheels touch the ground. And here’s a tantalizing tidbit: word has it that melding a frozen ingredient with this daring duo promises an even smoother ride.

The latest update, version 1.2.1, which graced Tears of the Kingdom just this week, has set the stage for a new wave of immersive gameplay. Devotees can delve into the patch details available in the comprehensive post accompanying this announcement.

Now, the question that remains: are you ready to embark on the adventure of shield surfing? With these exciting in-game items, a world of speed and thrills awaits you. Don’t miss out—unlock the joy of shield surfing and let your Hyrule adventure reach new heights.

Share your plans in the comments: Will you be seizing the opportunity to ride the slopes with your trusty shield and cart?

Remember, the gaming world is watching, and your journey awaits.

Please note: This announcement is available in English (US) language.


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