‘Armored Core 6’ Feeds Players Into A Woodchipper With Its Tutorial Boss

Armored Core 6 Boss Fight: AH12 HC Helicopter Poses Formidable Challenge for Players

In the realm of gaming, excitement often revolves around highly anticipated releases, and Armored Core 6 is no exception. Garnering positive reviews and boasting a solid initial player count, the game has managed to pique the interest of both newcomers and seasoned gamers. Despite not attaining the same level of hype as titles like Elden Ring, this creation from the renowned FromSoftware has still managed to maintain a dedicated following. However, players embarking on their journey within the game are swiftly met with a formidable obstacle right from the outset – the first boss encounter: the AH12 HC Helicopter.

A Tough Start: The AH12 HC Helicopter Boss

For players of varying experience levels, the AH12 HC Helicopter boss fight proves to be a challenging trial. Positioned at the early stages of the game, this boss is unlike anything encountered before. Unlike other encounters that allow players to customize their mechs according to their preferences, this fight functions as more of a tutorial, focusing entirely on mechanics. These mechanics, however, are far from straightforward. Tackling the AH12 HC Helicopter requires skill, strategy, and perseverance.

Strategies for Conquering the Challenge

The challenges presented by the AH12 HC Helicopter are multifaceted, making victory a hard-earned prize. Tips and strategies for confronting this formidable foe have circulated among the gaming community. Staying grounded, managing stagger gauges effectively between the player and the boss, utilizing the environment for cover, and harnessing the power of assault boosts and melee attacks for optimal damage are among the strategies recommended by seasoned players. The difficulty of this encounter has led some to label it as one of FromSoftware’s most challenging boss fights in their history – a studio renowned for its penchant for difficult battles.

The Unforgiving Nature of the Battle

The AH12 HC Helicopter boss fight serves as a pivotal moment of differentiation between new players and those who are willing to persist despite initial hardships. Even more challenging encounters await players as they progress through the game, including the notorious Batleus, encountered later on. Reports have surfaced of players spending anywhere from 90 minutes to a staggering 5 hours in their efforts to conquer the first boss, particularly if they are unfamiliar with the genre. Calls for a reduction in difficulty have been made by some players, but given FromSoftware’s legacy, such adjustments seem unlikely unless a game-breaking bug is discovered – which, as of now, does not appear to be the case.

The Crucible of Skill and Tenacity

The AH12 HC Helicopter battle stands as an arduous yet essential trial for players. Emerging victorious from this encounter brings forth a sense of accomplishment and relief, while simultaneously preparing players for the challenges that lie ahead within the game. The significance of pushing forward past this obstacle cannot be understated; the rewards of immersing oneself in the subsequent content of the game are substantial. It is crucial for players not to succumb to early frustrations, for persisting beyond this early challenge promises a world of fulfilling gaming experiences.

Embracing the Journey

While the inclination to abandon the game due to the difficulty of the AH12 HC Helicopter boss fight is understandable, it is worth emphasizing the value of persistence. As players navigate the trials and tribulations of this digital realm, they cultivate valuable skills and a profound sense of achievement. The game’s creators have deliberately forged this trial, aiming to provide players with an authentic and rewarding experience.


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