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Debunking Myths About Water and Weight Loss

Many people believe that drinking ample water each day can aid in weight loss by boosting calorie burn and curbing appetite. However, these claims are often oversimplified or lack scientific backing. Let’s explore the reality behind two common myths about water and weight loss:

Myth 1: Water Burns Calories

While a small study on young adults indicated that consuming 500 ml of water increased resting energy expenditure by around 24% for an hour, this effect is fleeting. For an average adult weighing 70 kg, this translates to a mere 20 additional calories burned per 500 ml of water consumed. Another study showed a minor 4% increase in calories burned when water was ice-cold. The elevated energy expenditure could be attributed to the body needing to raise the water’s temperature or process the larger fluid volume.

Despite these findings, the net calorie increase remains minuscule. Even if one were to consume an extra 1.5 liters of water daily, it would save fewer calories than a single slice of bread.

Myth 2: Water Reduces Appetite

The notion that water consumption before meals reduces appetite has some merit, particularly in older adults. However, the relationship between water and appetite in weight loss is more complex. A study involving middle-aged and older adults showed a 2 kg weight loss over 12 weeks when participants drank water before meals, compared to those who didn’t. Surprisingly, this effect wasn’t observed among younger participants.

The lack of uniform results could stem from non-blinded studies or the body’s intrinsic drive to maintain its size. While water might exhibit appetite-dulling effects, it might not lead to significant, sustained weight loss. Additionally, there’s limited evidence showing that appetite reduction correlates with long-term weight loss.

Ultimately, while water itself may not be a magic weight loss solution, it can play a role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Opting for water over high-calorie beverages like soda or alcohol can help reduce daily calorie intake, supporting weight loss efforts.

The Biological Perspective

Water’s role in regulating appetite is limited because it doesn’t effectively trigger satiation. Unlike solid food, liquid water rapidly exits the stomach, bypassing stretch receptors responsible for signaling fullness. Even if water is consumed after a meal, it may not extend the feeling of fullness due to its swift emptying from the stomach.

Although water’s direct impact on weight loss may be limited, it remains a healthful choice and can aid weight loss indirectly. Combining water with substances like fiber, soups, or vegetable sauces can slow stomach emptying, promoting prolonged fullness.

In conclusion, while water might not be a miracle solution for shedding pounds, it’s a vital component of a balanced diet. Rather than relying solely on water to drive weight loss, individuals can consider making healthier beverage choices and incorporating water in tandem with other dietary strategies.


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